One Million Tree Challenge

Orgaworld Canada is happy to be a major corporate sponsor for London Ontario's Million Tree challenge. You can read more about these local initiatives at the links below.

At Orgaworld, we enjoy giving back to our community and the Re-Forest London initiative is a natural fit with Orgaworld's ongoing concern for and commitment to a more sustainable environment.

Orgaworld will be sponsoring a school project that is planned with approximately 300 or more young trees and shrubs to be planted in an area of a popular local park. It is a large neighbourhood park that has bike paths, shade trees, access to climbers and open green space.  The naturalization will be along an area that is currently less utilized and will help to bring more ecological diversity to the park. It will also provide valuable storm water management and prevent erosion of the slope in the park.  Students play in this park during their school recess and lunch periods and this area will also be a Nature Study area for teachers to bring their classes out to observe and study.

This fall, at another public school, Orgaworld will work with the students and the Re-Forest London team to plant a reading circle with 3 to 5 shade trees, shrubs and a butterfly garden on their school property which will be part of an Outdoor Learning Environment. and